Liverpool, England
 By Syd & June Burns   2009

Syd and June  Burns discover the many joys of Liverpool on a family outing.

The family trip to Liverpool had been organised for some time, as it was Nick's 40th birthday. We had a good trip down by road to stay at the Premier Inn on the Albert Dock.

A basic, clean and friendly place but alas, as usual the disabled bathroom was geared for those who could walk  but not in a wheelchair. Shower in the bath, no seat. They provided a seat but it wouldn't fit the bath. With a lot of pushing and shoving we finally succeeded. Oh when will they ever learn.

June rolls along Pier Head 23.

The family all met up for dinner and drinks. It really was catch up time and after a walk around the colonnades at the dock it was an early turn in and ready for the Saturday. The walking was easy for June and the EMO chair worked well.

Syd at the entrance to
The Beatles Experience

Rain, Rain and more rain. At least the kids thought it great that the hotel was alongside the Beatles Experience. A museum of the life and times of the Beatles. We never got in. There were queues all the time with people from all over the world particularly Chinese. There was a lift (elevator) to enable wheelchairs access. Now that was really good.

Liverpool has been renovated and there are new buildings shops and museums everywhere from the Tate Gallery to Working Museums. They are all accessible. We decided that because of the weather we would go around the new Liverpool 1 shopping centre which for some of us was a treat as we are from a small market town. Once again all was accessible.

Onwards to the Anglican Cathedral. A magnificent place that was accessible and June was helped along the way whenever necessary. We were fortunate that the choir was practicing which was awe inspiring. We had a meal in the cathedral which was stunning. We had been told beforehand that eating there is a must. They were right. We stopped on the way back to the hotel at a bistro for a few drinks and checked that the disabled loo was good.

That evening we had a dinner at the Chung Ku Chinese Restaurant, which was totally brilliant. One couldn't ask for a better place to celebrate a 40th birthday. The children were not phased at all by the elegant surroundings. We ended the night in the wee hours of Sunday morning more than a little happy.

The Burns celebration at
the Chung Ku Chinese restaurant

Sunday was fine with a high wind. No problems there except the spray from the River Mersey was eye catching. The Emo did well on all the wet surfaces. There was a Royal Navy Aircraft carrier the Illustrious in port and there were exhibitions of helicopter skills. The queues were fair to great,so we never went aboard. Instead we went on the ferry to Wallesey Birkenhead and back to Liverpool. The ferry took an hour and the sights were stupendous. It was soon time for us to go our separate ways after what was a really successful family get together.

A weekend that passed too quickly



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